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Occitan History 1

The Beginning ...

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1 - Antic Age
2 - Barbarian Age
3 - Classic Age

Man appeared in Occitania as soon as the neolithic area, as attest the numerous archeologic sites discover in our country. Any study made in France being made in Occitania, we recomanded you the already published works, since the french sites only are in Occitania. Since most populations used to move a lot, prehistory is common to major parts of Europe.

Occitania and Mediterranean in Antic Age

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(Occitania e Miegterrana a l'Edat Antica) Sculpture of Pericles's head
1 - Greecs and Celts

Our history was mostly shaped by the Mediteranean world. The first notorious contacts were made by trading with the Phoenicians (from Lebanon) and went on since the V th century B.C. with the Greek civilisation wich were dominating the comercial and cultural exchange in western Mediteranean. They founded Marselha, Agde and Niça (wich were rather trading posts than towns), and introduced the first elements of a classical culture with the monuments, the temples and statues.
On the other hand, the Celts, were in all Europa, since the 8 th century B.C., and, being the first "civilized" population, they deeply influenced Occitania by giving its people the technique of iron working, goldsmith's trade, and furthermore a way of life, wich is still going on: They were the First Constituent Stratum in our identity building.
Actually, the Celts were nomads, they used to live in small groups, hunting and fishing, building up temporary houses, and were in communion with nature, when they were not in war, (see Brennus' famous "Vae victis !", when he took Rome in 390 B.C.

Occitania 100 years B.C.

Some say that Occitania was less Celtic than Northern France (wich is true) but as it was not as much influenced by the Germans and especially the Francs, as we'll later see, Occitania keeps a deeper mark of this Celtic past: The actual hunting and fishing traditions, words such as "bragas" (trousers), "carri" (car) or "cervesa" (beer), or the use of cabretas and boas (sorts of bag pipes) in music tend to prove it.


Antic Age.

(Edat Antica) (2 - The Romans) Continue Occitan History ?

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