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The Troubadours 1

Los Trobadors
Short Abstract

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1 - The Troubadours a powerful movement.
2 - Various socials origins
3 - Rich and complete works
4 - Major genres of "Trobar" (poetry)
5 - An opportune and deep influence
Jòia, Jovent e Amor - (Fun, youth, and love) these are the occitan troubadour's major words. Those europan masters of liric poetry gave its nobleness at the "Lenga d'Oc" (or Provensal) language. No one will be amaze, that the enthusiasm those words get still draws us today to those who where, in fact, songs writers, composers and performers before hours.
1 - A deep and powerful movement. The Countess of Día - (Woman) Troubairitz
Many people dream to them, but their knowledge is rather vague. One believes they were some frail and boring singers, wandering from castle to castle, while they actually were crowds of lyrics creators, well-read and passionate. In their opinion, words and music could not be parted.
The most ancient we know is Guilhem (William) of Poitiers, who was at once Count of Poitiers and Duke of Aquitaine, and more powerful, at this time,   than the king of France. He lived in the end of the XI th century. After him, and during two centuries, a sumptuous and numerous crowd (more than 460 ) will change the western word ways.
They used to express themselves in a rich and innovating literary language, the most ancient in Europe: Occitan.
Our contemporary language is only a weakened reflection, although it gives a good idea of its expressive richness. Dante Allighieri and Petrarch used to admire and envy it.
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