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The Occitan Cookery

La Cocariá Occitana 1
Foretaste and appetisers

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1 - Generalities
2 - Occitan courses
3 - Ingredients
4 - Occitan cookery art

Rural cookery, a cookery of character, but also of integration. The Occitan food, or rather the Occitan courses have in common the originality and diversification of their tastes.


(What is it ?)

Totally different from the French food because we lack butter and milk cream (except in baking), and use the resources of the land as well as those of the sea, in the confection of main courses and varied menus. Occitan foods, a wide range of flavours choices, between Mediterranean food with olive oil, full of aromatic herbs, products of the sea and fresh vegetables, and continental and mountain food, with a wide range of meat cooked gently with goose or duck’s fat, as well as sumptuous roast meats. Una bona Garbura ?


Occitan courses
(Their similarities)
Similarities : Fresh or cooked garlicas in all their forms, as well as wine. And also a great possibility of variations for each recipe.
In fact, an old habit of tolerance and the fact that it had always been opened to the various contributions (chosen or imposed) of diversified populations who have ‘’visited’’ or integrated Occitania, generated a mixedfood that is always in evolution, and prevented food customs to be confined in the same usual menus ; since it is opened non-stop to new ideas.

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(Their compositions)
Ingredients of various times and countries for instance garlic, shallot, dry vegetables (peas, beans, broad bean) from Mesopotamian, foie gras from Greeks, soup and cod from Francs, poultry from Wisigoths, tomato, maize and potato from Americans, were successively added to the grills and gentle cooking of the Neolithic men, but without any loss of tradition. This could seem paradoxical : from this taste for change and its acceptance ensued some respect and maintain of traditions.
Hunting and fishing traditions, the temperate weather of the country allowing all kinds of vegetables cultivation and cattle-breeding, and a favourable ground for vines too, made the rest.
Tot çò que cal per un gal al vin !


Occitan cookery Art
(What's  eating for Occitan people ?)
It is really hard to choose a meal in such a wide range of choice, but we will soon try and propose you a list of the most typical meals (from our point of view) of our Occitan countries and also some receipts (sometimes a little bit long to cook, sometimes really rapid, but often easy to prepare). Note that, for Occitans, to understand things it is more important “to do” it than “to be” or “to have” it . Once your meal chosen you would then need nothing but some friends with who to share it, because in Occitany food has to be eaten and shared in good company, then the pleasure of friendship and conversation will be added to the pleasure of the palate.

To be continued, soon !

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