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The Catars Knights

Los Cavalièrs Catars
A Tool for the Future

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Perqué ?
(Why ?)
To talk the language, you must ear it !
Because more and more of us, are thinking that the language transmission is no longer using the traditionnal ways (parents, school). Because, the today's communication medias are taking a growing role in this transmission : television, radio, internet, videogames, music,...
As Occitans we missed, the press revolution, thanks to the French royal censorship; the 1789 revolution, thanks to the "Jacobins"; the periodic press revolution, thanks to the NMPPs; the Radio revolution, thanks to Tino Rossi in 1930, and NRJ, Sud Radio and others in 1980; the TV revolution, thanks to the O.R.T.F. Now, as the boundaries are opening in Europe, it's time to hurry up before it's too late. We won't miss this opportunity
An Occitan TV channel is close to birth, the study is already done, strategy, budget estimates, objectives: Everything is clinched !
Our strategy, in a start-up phase, is one hand, to find and adapt already existing quality programs, at low cost. On the other hand, set up a pressure group on publics powers and be a promotion and relation tool.

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Qual sèm ?
Who are we ?

The association "Los Cavalièrs Catars" (Catars Knights), has been created in February 98, under the "1901" French law. Its objective is to support the Occitan TV project, promoted by the future R.O.C. company.
Our first task, is to find quality TV programs en Occitan, dubbed, or subtitled in Occitan.
Our second task, is to create happenings, to make people talk about the project, to promote it by all legal means.
Our third task is to find contacts, partners and supporters for the project. This consists also in lobbying actions towards the French and European administrations.
The last task, but not least, is to make YOU become the first Occitan TV channel watchers. You will give us your feelings and advises on the programs.
What can you do for us ?
If you find this project funny, and if you think that, together, we can cope with it
If you have understood that no public power will do that for us
Then, you can help us by:

- Bringing your know-how in audiovisual, or your contacts in this field.
- Bringing your abilities in management, financing, advertizing, secretaryship, ...
- Joining the association. The fee is 196,80 FF, or 30 Euros, or 30 u.s.dollars per year. This membership will allow to the association to be lively, and have the means to be creative. You will be able to participate actively in meetings, and work for the TV project, if you so wish. A regular bulletin will keep all members informed on the project evolution.

To send us your support subscription or contribution :

" Cavalièrs Catars"
31 500 - TOLOSA
Occitania - France

Twelve knights in the night

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To get in touch with us

Send us a message, if you are involved in Occitan Culture, if you like this presentation, and give us your point of view about it, at our e-mail.