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is a company specialized in translating, dubbing and subtitling of audiovisual sequences, movies, or software media (i.e. web pages). It is a team of cameramen, engineers, film-editor, director, technicians, marketing experts, management, secretaries.
Sarl, means highly graduated jobs in Occitania. Thanks to its know-how in audiovisual, the company
is a partner of the Occitan Network Television for its Occitan TV Channel project
Televista Occitana.
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We can study for you all kind of audiovisual projects; translate, dubb or subtitle in Occitan your programs,
If you have projects in this field, do not hesitate any more !! Contact us !
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"Dobl’Oc" - 18 Carrièra Surcouf - 31 500 - TOLOSA - (FRANCE)

For the dubbing and sub-titling of your sequences, for the engineering and realisation of a Website, for any audiovisual or software-related project, we take care, end to end, from the language to the editing, of providing you with quality work, at competitive prices, in a professional manner.

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