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Radio Occitania

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98.3 Mhz
The Country
Radio Occitanie
1 - Who are they ?
2 - What kind of emissions ?
3 - What kind of  partners  ?
4 - Be in touch with them ?


Who are they ?

A Radio Occitania studio
An associative stucture
Radio OccitÓnia is an association created in 1981. Our aim is to promote Occitan language and to protect cultural and politic and economic interests of the concerned regions. Radio OccitÓnia is thus constantly linked with the cultural and politic association life of Toulouse and its surroundings: by a presence in the great socio-economic manifestations and by a cultural work on the ground. 
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What kind of emissions ?

Divers and various Programmes
Radio OccitÓnia broadcasts twenty-four hours of programs daily. Out of which fifteen hours are produced by about forty persons, most of them being voluntary. The Occitan programs represent between 60 and 70 percent of our broadcast programs. This number is in constant evolution since our station has been created. But our station is also open to the numerous other linguistic communities of Toulouse. The programs are aimed at a very large public through various broadcastings ( rock, pop, jazz, lyrical and classical music, history, sports, news magazines...).
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What kind of  partners  ?

Radios, associations and institutions.
Besides, Radio OccitÓnia is a member of the bureau of the Convergencia Occitana that gathers together more than forty associations, which promote Occitan culture. Radio OccitÓnia also collaborates through exchanges of exclusively Occitan programs, with other radio stations of the Occitan region of course, but also of the whole France, thus being all radio stations turned to Occitan culture.
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Be in touch with them ?


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on 98.3 Mhz !

  Radio Occitania
60 Rue d' Assalit
31 500 - TOULOUSE

Tel: 05 61 80 40 40

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