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How to move on CiutatCity :
Here in  one can find 4 suburbs, you can enter them, by clicking on the planets at the top.
you haven't the Planetes in the hight trip, Click the logo CiutatCity above !
Once you are in a given suburb, click on the indicators (on your left) and choose the street you want to go
In the Occitan Way of Life (Biais de Viure Occitan) suburb, you will find information about Past and Present Life of Occitania
In the Occitan medias (medis Occitans) suburb, you will learn more about Future Life of Occitania, and how it is prepared
In the Occitan News (N˛vas Occitanas) suburb, you will find new things, on this webserver and in Occitania
The Streets and their Stores :
To idle about the Streets of CiutatCity Suburbs click the indicators like those ones at your right hand in the Left Margin of the Page.
Occitania viu al Present e apresta l'Avenidor
Have Fun in CiutatCity !

On CiutatCity you can now listen Occitan Music. And why not learn Occitan from Town and Future ? Join our culture and join us to create medias we need.

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