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Occitan Way of Life

Biais de Viure

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In this suburb of  I am too small ! Click on the top   discover, in brief, the whole Occitania, a french southern Europe "country" where exist a rich and original culture, some ways about history, well known throught the Cathars epic, literature, and the Troubadours and so on ...
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A beginning of History from the year 1000 Before J.C. to the year 507 After J.C. Philosophy and Istory of Cathar Religion, an objective point of view. An abstracted synthesis about Troubadours,  Parts and Works
Lo pont de Gard Montsegur the castle Love, at last !
To see the pages, and go throught the CiutatCity streets, click on the street panels on the margin To end with mysticism and legends, and know really the Cathars religion which was a christian religion and nothing like a sect. For more informations "Istory and Anthology of occitan literature " (in French) sold at CiutatCity Market Suburb

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On CiutatCity you can found out many ways of discovering Occitania. Discover the Occitan culture and join us to build up the medias necessary for all of us and for the Future.

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