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In this district of I am too small ! Click on the top planet you will find soon, the introduction of those who, in Occitania, are looking to the Future in a conquering, dinamic and positive way, those who, like "Calandretas" (bilingual Occitan-French schools), have chosen the course of creating, instead of lamenting or begging.

The "Cavalièrs Catars", for Television Informations are coming ...
An exemple
of Occitan
You want to support the television en Occitan ?
Either you wait for a miracle, or you
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Want to know, story of the first occitan radio in Toulouse, just click and read ! You want to be actionary in the company which will create the "Occitan Televista"
(Occitan Television) ?

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On CiutatCity you can, find out many other ways of discovering Occitania. Discover the Occitan culture and join us to build up the medias necessary for all of us and for the Future. Top of page


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