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How to do on Ciutat City ?


On CiutatCity  you will find 3 areas you can enter them by clicking on the planets at the top of pages.
If you do not have those planets then click on the logo CiutatCity !
Once in a given area click on the indicators on your left and choose the street where you want to go.


In the area Way of life (Biais de Viure) you will find information about past and present life of Occitany,
In the area Medias (medis), you will learn more about the future of Occitany, and how it is prepared,
In the area News (Nòvas), you will find new things, and why not? What you desire to let us know about Occitany and Occitan, if you wish to communicate it to us.


What will you find on CiutatCity :


To know the "Biais de Viure Occitan" (Occitan Way of Life), our Culture, our People, that's to say:
- History, Troubadours, Country, and so on ...

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Occitan Life Past and Present Marcabrun - Troubadour - XII ième siècle
To learn more about Occitan future and present plans, about media in Occitan, and even to take part of it through the listed organisations :
- The audio-visual subtitles, support to the Occitan Television, the courses of the L'E.O.A.
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L'Occitanie vit au Présent et prépare l'Avenir
Wonder around and see What's new ? on CiutatCity, that's to say:
- The occitan's news, new products, new pages, and so on ...
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The Occitan news in CiutatCity

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CiutatCity by the Main Gate !

Head of reception page

On CiutatCity you can now listen Occitan Music , and why not learn Occitan from Town and Future ? Join our culture and join us to create medias we need. Head of reception page


Send us a message, if you are involved in Occitan Culture, if you like this presentation, and give us your point of view about it, at our e-mail.